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Aviva & Gaal’s Destination Wedding Video

Check out video of Aviva and Gaal’s destination wedding at Casa Marina Resort in Key West, by Cineaverde.

Jaclyn & Jay’s Destination Wedding – Audubon House, Key West

“I do.” Those are magical words every married couple vows to one another. They’ve become a traditional saying that signals a beginning like a starter gun. But there’s more to it than that. It’s also an open-ended statement. Look again – “I do…” That was just the attitude brought to the occasion by Jaclyn and… Read More

Samantha & Scott’s Destination Wedding – Casa Marina, Key West

This week, shares this striking recounting of Samantha and Scott’s destination wedding. Held at Casa Marina in Key West and coordinated by Simply You’s Julie Shreck, this wedding featured many unique aspects that brought together color and contemporary style in an incredibly eye-catching way. Go to for Samantha’s impressions on this special day and… Read More

Loren & Michael’s Destination Wedding – Audubon House, Key West

Each marriage has a unique dynamic. We would also believe each wedding has a unique dynamic. Even though Simply You has learned the ins and outs of weddings of all kinds in all sorts of places up and down the Keys, there is always that special something that sets each one apart. Loren and Michael… Read More

Leigh & Ryan’s Destination Wedding – Audubon House, Key West

Adventure is a big part of what a marriage holds for so many aspiring young couples. Leigh and Ryan certainly embraced that mentality when they came to Key West to tie the knot. With a balanced degree of glamour and understated décor they brought a feeling of “Ready for more” to the affair. At Friday’s… Read More

Libiss & Matt’s Destination Wedding – Hemingway Home, Key West

How many times have you heard a young person to be called an “old soul”? It often means they’re so young to be so serious. In this case, Libiss and Matt are old souls as though they were lovers from a past romance. As the culmination of their wedding at Hemingway’s Home affirmed, their love… Read More

Julie & Randy’s Destination Wedding – The Reach, Key West

There’s an aspect to weddings that is appropriately sensual. So much comes into play to create that perfect memory – the atmosphere of the venue, the scent of the flowers, the sound of the music and the sea, the sight of bright colors by day and warm lighting by night. Then there’s the couple themselves…. Read More

Adam & Tom’s Destination Wedding – Little Palm Island, Florida Keys
same sex marriage

Perfection. Is there anything we strive for more than perfection? From the style of our clothes to the way we express our thoughts, and from the smallest token to the greatest dream, we yearn to achieve that elusive attribute of refinement. For one couple, Adam and Tom, they have come as close as any couple… Read More

Carla & Justin’s Destination Wedding – Casa Marina, Key West

“Vintage.” It’s a word that reminds us of precious things. It reminds us of the past, of timeless things come and gone, of heritage and history. It’s a word that, as you’ll see for yourself, describes the wedding of Carla and Justin perfectly.   To ensure it all went off as planned the rehearsal and… Read More

Nicole & Jeffrey’s Destination Wedding – Casa Marina, Key West

Big. Some weddings are. But does that make them beautiful? It takes the combination of an inspired couple, like Nicole and Jeffrey, and a discerning wedding planner, like Simply You’s Erica, to create the kind of arrangement that brings balance to a grand gathering like the Baz-Musaffi affair.   Rehearsal day came on the heels… Read More

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