Pretty In Pink: Tracee & Ralph’s Destination Wedding, Key West

To be pretty in pink is a lifelong dream of so many young girls. People often pooh-pooh such a style choice as a youthful flight of fancy, but at Simply You Weddings we can honestly say that is not the case. Take Tracee and Ralph, two successful, mature individuals with tastes of their own and… Read More

Kate & Wes’ Small Beach Wedding on Little Palm Island
kate & wes small beach wedding

Small beach weddings can be so beautiful. They’re a gorgeous opportunity to bring an intimate event into Nature’s grand cathedral on the shores of the most powerful waters in the world. Kate and Wes’s destination wedding set on the prestigious Little Palm Island was no exception. Renowned for its secluded white beaches, Little Palm Island… Read More

Danielle & Ray – A Hawaiian Themed Wedding in Key West

In the pantheon of American islands best suited for a destination wedding there are many that capture the imagination. The Old World charm of Nantucket, the wooded retreats of Martha’s Vineyard, the period stylings of Mackinac – even Manhattan has its attractions. But any list must surely be topped by none other than Hawaii and… Read More

The Audubon House & Tropical Gardens, Key West

When famed naturist and ornithologist John James Audubon came to the Keys in 1832, he came in search of the wild and wondrous treasures of the untamed Cayo Hueso. During the weeks he spent at the southernmost point of the United States, he captured the beauty of indigenous species of birds and various flora, including… Read More

Christina & Marco – A Casual and Classic Destination Wedding at Ocean Key Resort

The combination of casual and classic can be notoriously difficult to achieve, but as we’ve noted before, so much of a wedding’s success comes down to attitude. Christina and Marco definitely brought the attitude that allowed us to forge a wedding that could bring the worlds of casual comfort and radiant class together. Early morning… Read More

Kim & Matt’s Destination Wedding – San Pedro Church & Key Largo Marriott

Do what makes you smile. This is an attitude that was taken to heart by Kim and Matt as they set out on their Florida Keys destination wedding. Everything was engineered to get that response at every turn. And as you’ll see in our gallery by Dennis Drenner below, this wedding was a raving success… Read More

Samantha & Scott – An Elegant and Organic Destination Wedding at Casa Marina Resort

  What happens when elegance and the organic are brought together? Bright, flowing colors, appealing textures and a mating of the theme with the overall setting are the inevitable result of this discerning combination. For Samantha and Scott this was the zenith of their smashing wedding day affair. In the early afternoon of a beautiful… Read More

Shannon & Thomas’ Destination Wedding – St Mary Star of the Sea & Ocean Key Resort, Key West

A rising trend in wedding design is the advent of unique looks being brought together under a broader theme. Shannon and Thomas’ wedding is a perfect example. Their special day tied together décor that displayed rustic, seaside and gilded accents. In a similar way, even the wedding party carried on this theme as the Bride… Read More

Liz & Jason’s Destination Wedding – St Mary’s Basilica, Sunset Pier

A wedding is a celebration. More than a party, it’s a festival to the happy couple, a soiree to end all soirees. Liz and Jason’s wedding lived up to this description with style and panache. As you’ll see in the brilliant photos by Blueye Images, it was an affair to remember fit for any glam… Read More

Aviva & Gaal’s Destination Wedding Video

Check out video of Aviva and Gaal’s destination wedding at Casa Marina Resort in Key West, by Cineaverde.

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