Weddington Way black wedding tuxedo

This week Simply You Weddings is featuring a new line of tuxedos from Weddington Way, a designer wedding clothier and the fastest growing e-commerce business in the wedding industry.

Weddington Way already offers tuxedo rentals from their own designers, as well as from Michael Kors. Their latest addition is the Groomsmen Collection, and from what we can see these designs promise to deliver options for grooms-to-be of all tastes and preferences.

Ranging from fully formal to light and relaxed, his choice can be just as well suited (pun intended) to her dream dress as to his own tastes.

Weddington Way black wedding tuxedo

Going for a youthful motif with a nod to the past? See how this matchup accomplishes that by giving him a well-fitting tux with a waistcoat that matches her look. Great design, great accompaniment.

Weddington Way black wedding tuxedo

This goes for groomsmen and bridesmaids, too. See how her lacy minidress and colorful bouquet is complemented by an offset in color and cut that doesn’t overwhelm. His outfit provides the perfect foil to enhance the beauty of her look, while giving him the smart, sophisticated appearance of a man who knows what he’s doing.

Weddington Way grey wedding tuxedo

Have a look through some more examples of Weddington Way’s Groomsmen Collection, and when you’re done head over to their website to see what else is in store, including a pretty cool blog. It’s a stress-free experience with a wide selection, all put together to help you easily turn inspiration into reality.

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